So yes, the PCT Class 2017 is lucky.

The streams in the desert, which are usually dry, have plenty of water this year. 

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Beauty and Blisters

I am for the first time in my life in a desert!!

Little did I know what to expect. Sure I read blogs of former thru hikers but nothing prepared me for this.

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So ready to go!

Ready to go!

I am at Scout & Frodo. A famous Trailangel couple who hosts PCT hikers. They have put up 3 big tents in their garden, each sleeps 6 hikers, they cook for us and drive all of us to the Southern Monument in Campo tomorrow.

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The last good-byes are said, tears are shed. It will be a while until I see my mum, family, and friends again. Oh dear.

The flight goes smooth though, I only just have to nearly almost throw up once.

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The Path of Totality


Right. So I am getting there!

I think I have almost everything under control so far.

All the planning and researching for gear, visa, permits, resupply options, maps and apps is done. And I have slept a few test-sleeps in my new cool little tent (in my mum’s garden) under windy and freezing conditions. I was not too cold and the tent could withstand the wind.


I have hiked a few test hikes with a fully loaded pack on steep slopes with snow on them. I have gulped my first Ibuprofen out of my “hospital size Ibuprofen PCT pack ” as the last hike shook all my muscles around.

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Too scared to hike the PCT?


„Are you going alone?“


„But are you not scared?”

“There will be other people on the trail!”

“But what about bears?”

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I am soon ready for the PCT!


It is looking good!

USA Visa: check
USA Flight: check
PCT Permit: check (!)
California Campfire Permit: check
Entry to Canada via PCT Visa: check
Place to stay before starting the hike: check
Gear compared, weighted, tested and purchased: check
Getting excited: check

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Twofold Troubles



Initially, I wanted to write about my feet today.

As I seem to have a problem with them. Even before I start in Campo.

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Historical Snow Fall in the Sierra Nevada 2017


It is snowing heavily in California this winter.

The US newspapers headlines read:

  • “Sierra Nevada snowpack is biggest in 22 years.”
  • “Sierra Nevada historical snow fall.”

These are good news. As all this snow probably will set an end to the drought in California.



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Whiskey Double, Please!


It is Tuesday, January 24, 7.10 pm.

It is the big “run-for-the-PCT-permit-hour”. The application window opens 7.30 pm.

Both my PC and laptop are fired up and ready.

Waiting, staring at the clock.

7.11 pm.

7.14 pm – heart rate goes up.

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