Sleeping and Working in Ashland!

I am in my big motel bed in Ashland, and am just laying here with pillows under my legs to elevate them.

They hurt.

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Fire and Snow. And Oregon.


I made it back to Etna. My heart is very heavy, but I will push on.

What have we read on that blaze the other day. PCT = Persistence Creates Toughness. And I need to be more tough. Yes I do.

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Hanging Out in Etna And More

The only Motel in Etna has no vacancy. It is the 4th of July weekend.


We could of course camp in the park, but we both are ready for a bed and a proper shower.

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A Little Bit More!

The times are very emotional. After a high which lasted for almost three months, I need to try to control my emotions.

Felix and Andy tell me that they have now both decided to stop hiking, at least for the moment, as there is just too much snow out here still.

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Woods and Snow!

My trail family and I seem to have come to the conclusion and general agreement, that there is really no reason to rush at the moment. The slower we hike, the more time does the snow have to melt.

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Further North

Andy’s dad and his wife drive us further north. So I get to sit a bit more in this enormously gigantic car and be very comfortably driven all the way up.

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Towards Kennedy Meadows

It is 5.50 am, I eat a Snickers bar for breakfast. Here in the desert you can only eat them in the morning after a cool night. During the day, you would have to deal with Snickers soup.

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Against The Routine

I am in Tehachapi in a hair salon! Even though we are “Hiker Trash” (more about the term “Hiker Trash” later in another blogpost), I think I want to keep up some sort of style! 

So, my hair looks almost civilized again!

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Not Cold Anymore!

I am oh so glad that I brought my sun reflecting hiking umbrella to the PCT! That was a hell of a smart decision! I feel sorry for everybody who does not have one!

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Mountains and Great Company

So the big question is:

“Shall I heave myself and my backpack up Mount Baden-Powell or should I better play safe and take the detour around it?”

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