Which shoes for the PCT?!

Oh Dear.

“Which shoes shall I wear on the PCT” is such a difficult decision.

I need to get this right (this time).

As I am experienced in having a trillion of blisters on my feet (fond memories of the Camino del Norte), I want to get it right.

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Lightweight Gear for the PCT

The concept of “hiking lightweight” is fairly new to me.

When I hiked the “Camino del Norte” in Spain, my pack was WAY (!) too heavy in the beginning.

I threw away and sent home tons of stuff.

This time, I will go “lightweight”.

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Interview At The US Embassy in Bern

I am in Bern today to get my 6 month US visa.

There is quite a bunch of people at the Embassy. Luckily I am here early, somewhat 40 minutes before my official appointment for my 09.30 am interview. (I am so Swiss!).

It is like at the Airport here. Police officers scanning me, forcing me to take off my belt and shoes. They want my phone and my water bottle.

My turn for the interview. Nice guy, very efficient. I hand him my passport.

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First Post On New PCT Blog

Here we go.

The first blog post in this PCT 2017 blog.

This is awkward. Feels weird.

I am going to hike the Pacific Crest Trail next year (2017) and I am going to blog about it.

Not from day 1 when the hike starts at the Mexican border in Campo (California). But as of now. Five month pre-hike time. Because, you would not think how much there is to organize and how much “head scratching” there is. Could be really interesting to blog about all this.

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