Twofold Troubles



Initially, I wanted to write about my feet today.

As I seem to have a problem with them. Even before I start in Campo.

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Historical Snow Fall in the Sierra Nevada 2017


It is snowing heavily in California this winter.

The US newspapers headlines read:

  • “Sierra Nevada snowpack is biggest in 22 years.”
  • “Sierra Nevada historical snow fall.”

These are good news. As all this snow probably will set an end to the drought in California.



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Whiskey Double, Please!


It is Tuesday, January 24, 7.10 pm.

It is the big “run-for-the-PCT-permit-hour”. The application window opens 7.30 pm.

Both my PC and laptop are fired up and ready.

Waiting, staring at the clock.

7.11 pm.

7.14 pm – heart rate goes up.

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What I will be doing on January 24, 7.30 pm



If you want to hike the entire Pacific Crest Trail (and do a so-called thru-hike), you need a permit from the Pacific Crest Trail Association.

This Association maintains and preserves the path, with the help of financial donations, volunteer workers and members.

Since thru-hiking gets more and more popular these days (as people search for an authentic life I guess), the Association has decided to control/limit the numbers of hikers who set off – in order to protect the path from too much human impact.

That is good news.

The bad news though is, that they allow only 50 people to start each day.

And here it starts getting complicated:

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Field Testing and Good Karma


Today, I am going to field test two new sexy gear items:

I will pitch the new lightweight (!) tent in the backyard and cook lunch with my new lightweight (!) stove.

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Snickers Bars!

Hiker Hunger.

I am not really qualified (yet) to talk about hiker hunger. But the question I get asked the second most whenever I throw my big plan at somebody is:

“What? Six month hiking? What are you going to eat?”

Apparently, what I will need to be eating is a tone of “Snikers Bars“.

Yup. Really.


The goal seems to be to eat as unhealthy as humanly possible. We talk Peanut Butter by the spoonful, Mars Bars, Snickers Bars, and Chips.

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My feet hurt!

This is bad.

I tested my trail-runners extensively.

Now my feet hurt.

I have not set foot on the PCT yet but my feet already hurt!

Now what?

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Which shoes for the PCT?!

Oh Dear.

“Which shoes shall I wear on the PCT” is such a difficult decision.

I need to get this right (this time).

As I am experienced in having a trillion of blisters on my feet (fond memories of the Camino del Norte), I want to get it right.

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Lightweight Gear for the PCT

The concept of “hiking lightweight” is fairly new to me.

When I hiked the “Camino del Norte” in Spain, my pack was WAY (!) too heavy in the beginning.

I threw away and sent home tons of stuff.

This time, I will go “lightweight”.

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Interview At The US Embassy in Bern

I am in Bern today to get my 6 month US visa.

There is quite a bunch of people at the Embassy. Luckily I am here early, somewhat 40 minutes before my official appointment for my 09.30 am interview. (I am so Swiss!).

It is like at the Airport here. Police officers scanning me, forcing me to take off my belt and shoes. They want my phone and my water bottle.

My turn for the interview. Nice guy, very efficient. I hand him my passport.

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