CDT – Continental Divide Trail 2019, USA

Hiking From Mexico To Canada. 4’990km. At least 5 Months.


Through New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana into Canada.


Image borrowed from (as I don’t have my own images from the CDT yet!)

Blogging about the CDT

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Things To Do For Preparing the CDT


Ongoing CDT List – in completely random order:.

  • Proper gear shakedown, aka Learnings from the PCT
  • Download maps / print maps / buy maps
  • Organize travel insurance
  • Tell my mum and Tim that I will try another Thru Hike   => Check
  • Buy lots of hiking food online
  • Maybe book a course “how to properly use an ice axe and walk in crampons”
  • Save lots of money
  • Work on healing my “Achilles Tendopathie”, aka make sure my Achilles will not hurt on the CDT   => sort of check – ongoing
  • Have the zipper of my Big Agnes tent fixed
  • Find somebody who wants to rent my flat from April to September 2019
  • Inform my clients that I will be away again for five months plus
  • Read lots of CDT blogs    => sort of check – ongoing
  • Book flights
  • Organize USA Visum     => check, still valid from the PCT Trip – read here from the “Visit to the Embassy in Bern”
  • Be super excited   => check
  • Panic slightly    => check