Interview At The US Embassy in Bern

I am in Bern today to get my 6 month US visa.

There is quite a bunch of people at the Embassy. Luckily I am here early, somewhat 40 minutes before my official appointment for my 09.30 am interview. (I am so Swiss!).

It is like at the Airport here. Police officers scanning me, forcing me to take off my belt and shoes. They want my phone and my water bottle.

My turn for the interview. Nice guy, very efficient. I hand him my passport.

He wants to know where I am currently working and why I need a six months US visa. I explain.
He understands. He knows all about the PCT! He is asking me whether I “really” know what expects me on the PCT and whether I have done such a hike before.

“Uh well, I have walked the Camino in Spain” I reply, raising my shoulders a bit. Knowing, that this is not quite the same. So I add:

“I am a bid fed up with the public albergues. I prefer to sleep in my tent”.
He nods.

He probably thinks I am a nutter.

(“Why is she going to hike for five months and get lots of nasty blisters and will be very hungry all the time and her body will hurt and she will be very dirty and smell teribble? She could go to Hawaii instead and hang out at the beach for a few month and sip Pinia Coladas!”

Perhaps he has a point.

Anyway: US Visa: “check”.

Today’s Learning
Nice to meet people who have heard about the PCT.”

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