PCT – Pacific Crest Trail 2017, USA

Hiking From Mexico To Canada. 4’279 km. 5 Months.



IImage by Heidi Brönnimann


My PCT Post Trail Thoughts


What I would do exactly the same again if I hiked the PCT once more:


What I would do differently if I hiked the PCT once more:

  • Try to have a lighter pack
  • Make fever miles the first few weeks
  • Always ALWAYS carry a spare extra liter of water with me in the desert
  • Use baby-wipes for my feet on day one already, aka have better blister strategy
  • Carry less food the first few days in a desert
  • Protect my skin with lightweight cotton if the sun is brutally hot in the desert
  • Save more money beforehand to spend it on hotel rooms and Pizza during zero days
  • Send myself more food boxes ahead, as I do not want to spend my zeros shopping for food and going to the post office


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Have fun!


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