PCT – Pacific Crest Trail 2017, USA

From Campo to Manning Park. 4’279 km. Probably somewhat 6 months.


Statement: “I am going to hike the Pacific Crest Trail this year!”

Awesome! I will be part of the PCT Class 2017.

And I blog about this “epic journey”.


“Because it is fun to blog, and because it will motivate me while suffering from sweat, blood, and tears on the trail.”

Here you can read my PCT Blog Class 2017 and follow me by subscribing to it.

And here is another cool link: check out the entire hike on Google Maps. Zoom right in!


And here is another cool map of the Pacific Crest Trail. California, Oregon, Washington: From Campo to Manning Park.


Overview PCT 2017

Map taken from pctmap.net/maps/


Post Trail Thoughts

… I am not quite there yet…

But read my PCT Class 2017 blog meanwhile, to see where I am on the trail…