On The Other Side Of The Bridge

Happy Arrival in Cascade Locks!

We don’t need to hitch into town, the PCT goes right through it.

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Against The Routine

I am in Tehachapi in a hair salon! Even though we are “Hiker Trash” (more about the term “Hiker Trash” later in another blogpost), I think I want to keep up some sort of style! 

So, my hair looks almost civilized again!

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Trail Angels


So here I am, sitting on a rock by the trail and weep. The pain in my feet is so bad. Three miles to go still until I reach my next destination, but the pain is too overwhelming.

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Field Testing and Good Karma


Today, I am going to field test two new sexy gear items:

I will pitch the new lightweight (!) tent in the backyard and cook lunch with my new lightweight (!) stove.

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