Email From Felix

My alarm goes off at 6.28 am.

First thing I do (as everybody else probably also does first thing in the morning), I grab my phone and check emails!

There is an email from Felix in my inbox.

It says: “I think my plan is to do the CDT next April. Wanna go? Just like the PCT but harder!”

I am wide awake in an instant!


“Holy shit!”


I think for five seconds – and reply:

“Hi Felix! Yes! Of course I wanna go! I’m in!”

So this, it seems, is the start of my next rather huge adventure!

Now the CDT – or “Continental Divide Trail” is different than the PCT. Apparently harder, less people, much more remote, and the trail is not exactly finished yet – aka one has to sometimes make ones own path. But the general direction is through New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, a little bit of Idaho and then Montana – again, all the way to Canada.



So yes, it seem not enough to hike from Mexico to Canada once in my lifetime – I have to apparently do it twice!

But you must understand, a thru hike is such an exceptional, amazing, wonderful, deep, life-changing and happy-making adventure. And the USA with its landscapes, and space, and remoteness, and helpful people just make it the perfect thru-hiking country. And if Felix is prepared to take me with him on the CDT, then I really don’t have to hum and haw AT ALL. In the company of this guy, I feel confident enough that I can do this! That we can do this! Those of you who have followed my PCT 2017 Blog know him well.

I guess Felix will take care that we don’t get lost in the Continental Corridor – and I will take care that the whole trip is well documented in my CDT 2019 Blog!


I have already thrown together a quick and rather random “things to do for preparing my CDT in 2019” list, which you find here. Maybe I will also be inspired to do a proper “Gear List” this time and publish it on this website. We will see! I go with the flow.

What’s next?

I have good news on a Blister-Prevention strategy!

In my next post!

Holy shit, I am so excited!

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  1. Connie Lufkin says:

    How exciting! Oh, if I were only 40 years younger, I would love to tag along. Trisha and I will get back on trail September 5 to finish our section hike to Crater Lake. Her last PET scan showed the cancer is stable, great news. Looking forward to hearing about all your preparations for this CDT. Your, entertaining PCT friend, Connie

    • Heidi says:

      Hi Connie! Wow! Great news for Trisha!! That’s so good to hear! You both will make it to Crater Lake! Just imagine how you both will feel once you arrive there!! Will you do the bear hanging thing again or do you think you also rather try a bearbag this time! ;) Less fun for sure, but certainly faster!

  2. Connie Lufkin says:

    We gave up the bear bag hanging, you were the last hiker we entertained 🤪! We have however given our packs a major shake down, no chairs, only basics!

  3. Muriel says:

    Hallo Heidi! Ich freue mich jetzt schon darauf, deine Abenteuer auf dem CDT hier mitzuerleben, vor allem da ich momentan von der nächsten Auszeit nur träume… Der CDT ist vermutlich der herausforderndste, aber (natürlich ganz subjektiv) auch spannendste der Triple Crown! Geht ihr Nobo oder Sobo?
    Ich freue mich schon auf ganz viele Vorbereitungs-Blogs ;)

    • Heidi says:

      Liebe Muriel! Vielen Dank für Deine liebe Nachricht! :) – Ja, der CDT wird wohl schon ganz schön ein harter Brocken werden. Ich bin gespannt! Wir planen Nobo zu gehen, vermutlich kommen wir aber nicht ums flipfloppen herum, wenn es zu viel Schnee hat in Colorao….

  4. Sandra Wüthrich says:

    Haha Heidi

    Und gestern gerade, als ich Mt. Shasta verlassen habe, entschloss ich für mich die Via Alpina als nächstes zu wandern. Von einer kurzen Rumspinnerei ist ein definitiver Plan geworden.
    Ich kann Dich verstehen. Wird sicher super mit Felix.
    Go for it!

    Liebe Grüsse vom Pct (irgendwo nahe Etna)

    • Heidi says:

      Ja hallo Sandra! So schön von Dir vom PCT zu hören!! Wie geht es Dir denn? Mt. Shasta ist cool, gäll! Ja, die Via Alpina ist auch noch auf meiner Liste! In der Schweiz ist es ja schliesslich auch schön! :-) Dir wünsche ich very happy Trails! Wie ist denn Dein Trailname?

    • Heidi says:

      Hello again Carol & Jim!! So very nice to hear from you guys! How are you doing? Such a shame our meeting last year in Cascade Locks did not work out – it would have been awesome to see you there. But, as you know, a thru hike is so very unpredictable….


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