What Helps To Prevent Blisters?

Well, isn’t this one of the big questions for every hiker, let alone long distance hiker!?

As my trailname at the beginning of my PCT last year was “Blistery Heidi“, I have a feeling I am somehow almost qualified to talk about the blister subject in public.

You might remember, I had open blister flesh wounds on both my feet.



[Sorry guys for holding this gross picture into your face ….. and it is not even in focus, but for demonstration purpose it will have to do.]

Oh dear, it makes me cringe just by the memory of it – it was REALLY oh so painful to hike with such feet. So painful that I had to pause for a few days. I remember the throbbing pain rather vividly. (I once read somewhere that it is not possible to actually remember pain. Hm, I disagree).

I really DO NOT PLAN to get blisters like that ever again!

So, last winter, I got a mystery jar present from Maya and Dario, who had read my blog and wanted to meet me for some PCT insider tips and equipment talk.

[Hey Maya and Dario – how are you guys getting along out there on the PCT? I could not find your blog online, so perhaps you send me the link, that would be great!]

Maya and Dario had done their own pre-PCT blister prevention research. And came up with THIS:

“Trail Toes, Ultra Extreme Anti Friction Foot and Body Care Cream.”



On the package it says:

“Trail toes was born in battle by an Army orthopedic Physician Assistant and ultra marathon runner while serving in Afghanistan.”


Tough stuff!

So I took the jar with me on the GR34 hike in France – where it was mostly flat terrain and rather cool weather. It worked superbly in these conditions!

I had no blisters! Sandy tried it too after she was rather sore with a “burning feet” issue:

“Heidi, this works! My feet are fine now!”

So guys, it seems, we really discovered something great here.

I am thinking of putting trail toes on my gear list.

But will it also work in steep terrain? In very hot conditions? I wonder whether it would make the feet a bit slippery in the boots when it’s hot and steep?

Let’s see! Let’s test!

So before I put on my socks, I open the jar and get some of the magic stuff out and put it all over my feet. Around the toes, between the toes, on the flat bit in the front, on the sole, arch, on the heels. I massage both my feet in with the smooth substance, let it dry a minute, and put on my socks and boots.

And off I go.


It’s steep.

Its hot.

Perfect for testing.

Feels good! No sliding inside the boots. No pain from down there! Even after several hours.

I sit down, have lunch, and examine my feet.



Yup, looks all like baby skin still!

(Well, sort of… )

I hike on, more up. Then all the way down again, for hours.

No sore spot!

No blister!

No sliding!

At all!

So at this point, it’s a clear decision! Trail Toes:

“welcome to the the team!”

“Thank you Maya and Dario! Your gift will be fondly remembered on my next big hike!

Now, the thing is, Trail Toes can only be ordered in the US. So guys here in Switzerland and/or Germany. If you would like to test some too, I can organize an “omnibus order” from the US.

Just send me an email with your address, I will organize the shipping!

Yes, I am that excited about it!

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  1. Linda says:

    I have a 2 layer system for my feet. I wear knee highs (panty hose that only comes up to the knees) .inside my socks. One pair did me for my 30 day hike last year.

    • Heidi says:

      Hi Linda! Yes, I actually have a two layer system too. And now with the foot cream even a three layer system ;-). I guess if you hiked for 30 days and had no blisters, you don’t need to worry about them! Good for you Linda!

    • Heidi says:

      Hi Maya and Dario! Good to hear from you – live from the PCT! And here we have another proof! Trail Toes help! :-) I wish you a splendid few more months on the trail!! Happy Hiking!!! Heidi


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