Twofold Troubles



Initially, I wanted to write about my feet today.

As I seem to have a problem with them. Even before I start in Campo.

I do lots of walking, because I obviously want to be – well – sort of prepared!

The trouble is, always after somewhat an hour of walking, my feet start complaining. This is new. I never had this problem before.

Why the hell now?
Why a few weeks before I start the PCT?!


I tried everything:

I tried lightweight trailrunners: they hurt
I tried midweight trailrunners: they hurt
I tried my good old leather hiking boots which have always been great: they hurt
I tried handmade insoles, made by a specialist, specially for my feet: they hurt even more!

So I wonder, whether this can be a psychological problem perhaps? I was digging really hard inside my brain to search what the problem could be.

And I googled.

And this is when I came across the term “Schmerzgedächtnis” (or perhaps “pain memory”).

It appears, that my body seems to remember old foot pain – and hence does not want to get back there, so he desperately tries to tell me:

“Stay at home Heidi – take life easy, and have a foot bath once in a while.
P.l.e.a.s.e Heidi, don’t go out there and walk 4’000 km!”

I have a feeling, they remember this here (from the Camino del Norte hike) ….



So I am not surprised anymore that they want to keep me on the sofa.

But does a thing like “pain memory” really exist? Do you have any experience with this and can tell me all about it perhaps?

So we will see. I have another appointment with my orthopedist today….


So as I said, this is what I initially wanted to talk about today, but then I came across this here:



And I am pondering for quite a while now whether I find this joke funny or not.

It is posted on the “PCT facebook page”, [which drives me crazy anyway, but this is another story.]
Apparently, the meme was created by a Canadian!

(So I come to the conclusion that it is funny!)

And now I read people’s comments on said facebook page:.



I am looking forward to meet these humorous guys on the PCT!


Learning of the Day:

Don’t give up thinking that there is a solution to every problem!
And if it is just to laugh it away.





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  1. Barbara says:

    dear Heidi, I did thought about your feet troubles a lot and perhaps I may help you: If you want to get rid of of the pain – talk to your feets! Tell them, that you are really interested in lucky and happy feets and they will have many breaks and relaxing time :-) perhaps they are unsure – a smooth feet massage helps and a spoonful of lovely thoughts, two thumbs up, barbara

    • Heidi Brönnimann says:

      Thank you Barbara! Yes, I think you are right. I will be extra nice to my feet and give them everything they need. Before, during, and after the PCT! They get many spoonful of good and warm thoughts! :-) As I am aware, it is a lot I am asking of them!


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