Which shoes for the PCT?!

Oh Dear.

“Which shoes shall I wear on the PCT” is such a difficult decision.

I need to get this right (this time).

As I am experienced in having a trillion of blisters on my feet (fond memories of the Camino del Norte), I want to get it right.

On almost every PCT trail blog I have read so far, I learned that traditional hiking boots are boots from hell: “Too heavy. Not breathable. Never dry when wet.”

What you need, apparently, are trail-runners.

To be more precise: “non-waterproof trail-runners”, so that your feet can breath and dry quickly.

I am very much used to hiking in BIG HEAVY leather boots. So this concept came as a bit of a shock to me.

“What? Hiking in sneakers? Over the Sierra Nevada as well?”

Apparently yes.

So I am going to purchase my first Salomon XA Pro 3D trail-runners.


Today’s Learning:
“Hiking boots are boots from hell – on the PCT.”

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